Bonnie’s bounce back

Thanks to everyone for inquiring on Bonnie!  It has been awhile since our last post about Bonnie being in quarantine.  She has had a very interesting couple of months to say the least. 

Just to recap, Bonnie is one of our rescue dogs who was lost in the desert for three days, miraculously found, and placed in quarantine for 10 days.  I was one of the volunteers who searched for Bonnie in the desert, and agreed to foster her, but was unfortunately out of town when Bonnie was being released.  So Bonnie stayed with her former foster mom, Melanie (who she remembered right away)for a couple of days.   Bonnie and Clyde were adopted together as puppies, and surrendered back to the group a few years later.  Melanie was responsible for getting Bonnie and her brother Clyde back to health when they were both surrendered back to Valley Dogs.  She wanted to foster Bonnie for the long-term, but due to long work hours, she could not. 

Melanie brought Bonnie over to our house in September.  Within the first few minutes of being at our house, Bonnie, an escape artist, found a way to open the front door, and took off looking for Melanie, who had just left.  I freaked out!  I called Melanie on her cell, and we soon found her just around the corner.  Melanie got Bonnie to jump in her car, and she pulled back into my garage.  Phew!

The first few days for Bonnie at our house were rough.  I asked folks at the rescue for advice. They suggested taking her for walks so that I could bond with her.  One problem, she was so skittish, I couldn’t even get the leash on her.  She had been through so much, was guarded, and wouldn’t let anyone come near her except Simon, our spotted lab mix, who ironically is a doppleganger for Clyde.  She followed Simon everywhere he went, and the two have become very close. 

 Bonnie and Simon

On the third day, she climbed on the sofa, and laid right next to my husband.  We were stunned, because we thought the first person she’d warm up to would be a woman.  After about a week, I could finally get a leash on her to take her for walks.  Now, she doesn’t leave my side, following me wherever I go, checking up on me, and making sure I’m safe.    She’s a super sweet-natured and loyal dog, maternal towards other dogs, and has a heart of gold.   If you know of anyone looking for a dog like Bonnie, who is willing to work with getting her out of her shell, please contact or 480-898-3647.  Bonnie will be at the PACC911 Pet Adopt-A-Thon & St. Francis Festival Blessing of the Animals
this Saturday from 10am-3pm. 

That’s my bunny!


Valley Dogs Rescue


About Valley Dogs Rescue & Veterans and Their Pets & Valley Dogs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit (EIN: 26-0896950), no-kill animal rescue organization who's mission is to rescue dogs that have been abandoned, neglected, or otherwise placed in harm's way; to provide temporary housing for adoptable dogs, and to promote and encourage the responsible care of pets, especially spaying or neutering, micro-chipping and vaccination of dogs and puppies. Veterans and Their Petssm is a branch of Valley Dogs Rescue, a 501(c)(3) non-profit (EIN:26-0896950), no-kill animal rescue organization. Our focus is to support for the animals of Veterans in need by providing veterinary care, temporary housing and food. We are based in Phoenix Arizona and are working with the Veterans Association and Veterans support organizations to identify those in need throughout the Phoenix area. We are coordinating support from other non-profit organizations that will also be providing food and other services to the Veterans animals. We are seeking support from others to help us with community outreach, transportation and foster care for a Veterans animal. We have over 40 years of combined rescue experience and knowledge.
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